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What hardwood flooring can do for your home

Your floors bear the brunt of the activity that goes on in your home. It stands up under all the foot traffic, the children’s games, busy pets, and everything else you do that include moving through your home. For that reason, homeowners know how important it is to choose a floor covering that handle all that, and more. While it’s also important to find something that looks great and matches your decor, it can only go hand in hand with a material that lasts. Finding a middle ground between the two can sometimes be a struggle, but it needn’t be.

Hanna Eadeh Rug Co. has everything it takes to assist you in all your flooring needs. No project is too large or too small and we invite you to visit us at our North Wales, PA showroom to get started on that project right away. We are proud to be serving the areas of Lansdale, North Wales, Hatfield, Chalfont, and Ambler currently, and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers as well. Come in today to browse our selection of flooring and related products, and take advantage of the knowledge base available from our flooring specialists. They’ll be standing by to greet you.

Hardwood floors and you

In addition to the immense lifespan, you’ll receive in hardwood floors, you can also count on the constant that comes in their timeless elegance. Not once in the last hundred years or so has this material ever gone out of style, and we don’t look for that to happen anytime in the near future. In fact, the flooring trends continue to look great for this material that can easily match any decor scheme you have in place already.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Lansdale, PA from Hanna Eadeh Flooring Company
For the best in durability, you’ll need to discuss options species availability. The wood species you choose should be rated for the amount of traffic you have on an average day. Heavier traffic and busier lifestyles call for a hard, dense species that can really work against the foot traffic that will be normal for your everyday life.

Another option that makes hardwood floors so long-lasting is the ability to have them refinished. Once they begin to show signs of wear and tear, after a few decades of use, you’ll be able to refinish them, which restores them to a gorgeous showroom floor perfection, all over again.

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