How to clean luxury vinyl floors?

How to clean luxury vinyl floors?

So you have brand new luxury vinyl floors in your home. Your property values will rise. But the question is, how do you keep those floors fresh and free of wear and tear? We have the answers.

One of the benefits of luxury vinyl is quickly cleaning it, especially if you have the waterproof version. First, you want a good sweeping of the debris. Clean up all the dust and dirt that has accumulated over the week. Once you remove it, then go over the vinyl with simple damp mopping.

Daily maintenance requires a daily sweeping of the floor. But a mopping with a manufacturer-approved solution should happen once a week. Use a microfiber mop that takes care of buildup over time.

An alternative to soap and water is using apple cider vinegar. What does that do? It uses the acidity of the vinegar to remove dirt and grime. Thus, you stay away from a buildup of wax and soap. Want to disinfect too? Then replace the apple cider vinegar with straight vinegar.

What if there is a scuff mark? What you do is take WD-40 and put it on a towel. Then rub the solution into the scuff mark. It will eventually disappear! You can try jojoba oil as well. Once you’ve gotten rid of the scuff mark, then clean with a vinegar and water solution, so you remove the lubrication from the floor.

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